660 – 5-Yr Fresh Cultivated Ginseng – 五年鲜种植参


2023 Harvest. Fresh Ginseng after five years of growth! 8-12 pieces/lb., mainly short Iron Man.

2023 年新参,五年鲜参,8-12个一磅,粗短铁人为主。

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2023 Harvest Five years fresh ginseng! 8-12 roots per pound. Limited Supplies while stocks last!

Two weeks short-term preservation, can be refrigerated; long-term preservation needs freezing. Great for soups.

Please Note: Because of the time of the transportation, we can only ship out the fresh ginseng Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays to ensure it can arrive before the weekend!

2023五年鲜参收获!每磅8-12只. 冷藏保存两周;长期保存需要冷冻。可供泡酒煲汤。煲汤味道鲜美。