986 – 6 Yr Cultivated Ginseng Roots – 六年种植参半磅礼袋 – 0.5lb


  • Exclusive Supply!
  • Cultivated Wisconsin Ginseng Root
  • Wisconsin’s ONLY Six year old Ginseng

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6 Yr Cultivated Ginseng Roots

SKU: 986

This is the only Six Year old ginseng roots grown in Wisconsin in the last decade.  It possesses the highest medicinal value than other cultivated ginseng. It consists of a mixture of jumbo Ironman/buddha.


  • Size: 10 out of 10;
  • Aroma: 10 out of 10;
  • Bittersweetness: 10 out of 10.
  • Color: slightly brown.
  • Appearance: Deep ringles across and along the roots.

Now meet Dr.Jiang who has the love and perseverance to nurture the seedlings to maturity at SIX years, an incredible feat accomplished by no one in the last decade.

独家提供六年参,送礼佳品。八盎司半磅礼袋装,主枝,大小混合,平均一袋15~20只。2018 年收获。

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