B389 – Ginseng Nutritional Cleansing Foam – 花旗参洁面泡泡


All Skin Types
Gentle soft, effective deep cleansing, hydrates and lock up skin moisture, balances PH. Extra firm and delicate foam makes each cleansing experience a joyful time. Rose shaped delicate foam saves foaming time.



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Ginseng Nutritional Cleaning Foam – 花旗参洁面泡泡

The ginseng nutritional cleaning foam totally avoids non effective cleansing problems like, oily, enlarged pores, dull look skin, acne, etc. Our cleansing foam provides deep cleansing, gently touch pores, remove cuticle, hydrates and lock up moisture, give you clear and younger look skin.

All nature formula, foaming immediately, extra hydrophilic, easy rinse, no residual. Multi-function, cleansing and repairing skin, help skin to stay in a healthy status. Balanced oil, gently remove oil on the skin, no taut or dry feeling, clear and comfortable.

Natural ingredients benefit skin heath:

  • Ginseng extracts (Enhance vitality surface skin cell, anti-aging etc.)
  • Trehalose (Activated cells vitality, conditioning skin, help skin naturally healthy, enhance elastic)
  • Yeast extracts (Promote metabolism, enhance SOD activity, improve the skin against free radicals)
  • Purslane extracts (Nutritionally lubricate the skin, reducing dead skin and cuticle formation)

Our proprietary floral and fruit extract is distilled in the purest Wisconsin spring water to produce a healing, moisturizing and uplifting spray. In addition to being antibacterial and loaded with antioxidant Vitamin C, it has a especially enlivening aroma and restorative qualities.

Sea Kelp Extract brightens and soothes irritated skin

Vitamin B3 possesses anti-inflammatory, protective and moisturizing properties, helps restore and maintain skin’s moisture.

3 Steps hydrates effectively be seen, targeted thirsty skin features and four dimensions cleansing features, Cleansing Level, Gentle Level, Foaming Level and Hydration Level, we have developed out signature 3D Rose cleansing foam, cleansing and no taut or dry feeling.

3 steps effective cleansing, melts away dirt, tones and hydrates skin, no dry feeling, feels perfectly clean and comfortably balanced after use:

Step 1: Clear delicate foam that melts away dirt, deep clean pores, and gently remove cuticle, give skin a clear and fresh look.
Step 2: Nutritional shining moisture, rich in plants moisturizing factor, hydrate skin cells, make skin moisture and balanced relax.
Step 3: Totally remove dull look, gentle formula remove cuticles, repair cells and stimulate new look.


Wash hands, Shake well before use, press the nozzle and release 1-3 cm rose foam.