When you decide to invest or purchase wild American ginseng, the Rule of Thumb is “Do not buy it if you do not see the full root-neck with more than 5 scars (no less than five years old)!” Cultivated ginseng usually has less than 5 scars. Wild ginseng has to be at least five years old before harvest.

To sell genuine Wisconsin wild ginseng, licensed dealers in Wisconsin are required to issue the following documents:

A. Wild Ginseng sale receipt.
B. Certificate of Origin from WISCONSIN, along with a signed document from the dealer stating the quantity and Certificate number.
C. For export, an original CITES document signed by the USDA port inspector in Milwaukee WI.

Here is how you count the scars of the root-neck 图示如何判断野山参年龄, 独家提供, 为消费者参考防伪:

Credit:Pennsylvania DNR

美国出口中国野山参近300年.由于早期保护不力,到1975年美国花旗参被宣布为濒危种属, 各州实行严格的特许采挖政策:
1. 只允许秋季种子成熟后采挖,种子需要就地种下;
2. 严禁在联邦及州政府公共山林采集;
3. 五年/十年蔘龄之下不准采挖.
4. 跨州交易需要森林警察签发产地证, 只能通过注册经纪人;
5. 出口中国需要美国农业部边检签发CITES出口证.

四十年来由于美国地大物博,保护措施卓有成效,这是亚洲特别是中国消费者买到纯正野参花旗参的原因. 威斯康辛的土质气候与东北相似, 野山参质量优于美国主要产地南方温带如肯德基/田纳西, 但是与种植蔘不同, 威斯康辛野山参产量只占美国全国产量5%, 只有幸运的藏家才能买到威斯康辛野山花旗参.

1. 没有州政府签发产地证不买;
2. 没有野山参销售记录不买;
3. 没有芦头不买, 因为无法确定年龄及防伪;
4. 出口境外无CITES出口证不买.

现在请跟随美国老把头及姜博士体验进山寻找野山参的乐趣,请看中国中央电视台纪录片《人参-传奇》 节目(26-32分钟)。
NOW You may follow Head Ginseng Hunter John and Dr. Jiang’s foot steps to experience the thrill of wild Ginseng hunt in Northern Wisconsin, as featured by China’s CCTV Documentary “Ginseng, The legends” (at 26-32 min)

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