Marathon Ginseng Gardens, LLC is located in Marathon County of Wisconsin, the Ginseng Capital of America where 95% of American Ginseng is grown. We specialize in the production, distribution of, research and education about Wisconsin Ginseng. It is founded by partners lead by Ming Tao Jiang, MD, PhD and Col. David Monk in 2010.

Ginseng farming dates back over 100 years ago in Wisconsin. Our founding partner, the Monk Family, have farmed ginseng for four generations. The virgin glacier soil and frigid winter together help make Wisconsin Ginseng very special with exceptionally strong aroma and unique bittersweet flavor.

Ginseng has been used by the Chinese and native Indians for centuries as a panacea or cure-all. It is known to enhance virility, ward off cold and other ailments. Modern research suggests that ginseng may improve blood circulation, strengthen the immune system and reduces blood sugar.

Marathon Ginseng  takes pride providing premium products with personalized  services to our members across the globe. Our premium brand, Monk Garden®, sets the Gold Standards for American Ginseng in terms of quality and presentation that have earned the trust and confidence of our global VIP members.

Marathon Ginseng Gardens was a winner of the US China Business Leadership Award presented by the US Ambassador to China Terry Branstad in Dec 2017. Dr. Jiang and the Monk Family have been featured by China’s national PBS CCTV as well as other print media in the US.

At Marathon Ginseng, we are committed to helping ginseng species propagate and realizing its full health benefits for the human well-being.

Disclaimer: Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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