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Dr. Ming Tao Jiang

Dr. Jiang being featured by CCTV in 2015

Ming Tao Jiang, MD, PhD grew up in Shandong, China, the native place of the legendary Sun Liang, the Lord of Ginseng Digger . Dr. Jiang received his medical education in Shandong Medical University in China between 1979~1988 and later obtained his PhD in medical research (Physiology) in Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Jiang has been a medical scientist/professor in heart diseases for over 20 years, conducting research and teaching at several leading Canadian or American institutions including University of Toronto, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. He has published over 20 research papers (1), been cited over 500 times for his pioneering work on the understanding of heart function in aging, ischemic attacks and failure etc. In 2006, his conceptual-breakthrough work on heart protection via mitochondrial messengers was characterized as an important milestone by an editorial from the American Journal of Physiology(2)

Dr. Jiang has been a resident of Wisconsin since 1996 with his family. In 2009, his family moved to Wausau, Marathon County in Wisconsin where his wife Dr. Lu practices medicine as a Spine Specialist serving the local ginseng farmers and other residents.

Living around the ginseng gardens in Marathon County helped him better appreciate the medicinal benefits of Wisconsin Ginseng, the treasured plants in traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Jiang and Marathon Ginseng International are committed to promoting education about the medical benefits of Wisconsin Ginseng and advancing original scientific research about its pharmaceutical properties.

Dr. Jiang has been featured by China's PBS CCTV in a documentary series "Ginseng, The legends". He has been active in volunteering in the local communities. He currently serves as the founding editor of Milwaukee Chinese Times. He is a board member of Project access,inc, a nonprofit organization serving the psychiatric needs of the underprivileged in Milwaukee.

He enjoys fishing, hunting for wild ginseng in Wisconsin's Northwoods and entertaining friends.

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